Speaking and Consultation

Since 1995, Michael has spoken widely around the Bay Area and nationally on everything having to do with parenting, focusing on adolescent development in the digital age. From an in-studio special at WYES in New Orleans on Media Literacy & Child Development, to meeting with independent school heads on reputation risk management, Michael's work focus has been on supporting youth and families--and the institutions that attempt to do the same.


Past topics of panels, keynotes, speeches, parent evenings, television and radio appearances have included:


  • Teens, Drugs and Parties: A New Approach to Risk-Taking Behavior

  • The Unfair Fight: How Media are Shaping Your Child's Development

  • Academic Integrity

  • Dealing with College "Stress"

  • Bullying and Harassment in Middle School

  • Understanding the World of the Middle School Child

  • Navigating the Pitfalls of the Independent School World

  • Suicide Prevention for Faculty

  • Suicide Prevention for Peers

  • Adolescent Brain Development: The Promise and Peril of the Neuroimaging Turn

  • Your Adolescent: What's Normal and Expectable

  • Puberty: Why is it so Key to Understanding Your Teen?

  • Critical Media Literacy in the 21st Century

  • Media Literacy and Adolescent Development

  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and the Adolescent

  • Culturally-Competent Services in Student Support

  • Harm Reduction and Better Approaches to Understanding Drugs and Alcohol

  • How to Be Your Child's "Go To" Person for Advice

  • The Approximate Parent: A Unique and Case-Specific Approach to Parenting

  • School Crisis Management

  • Forming a School Crisis Response Team

  • The Right Stuff: What is Good Student Support in the Independent School?

  • Health and Wellness for Adolescents: What is Good Adolescent Mental Health?

  • Social-Emotional Learning and Counseling? Fad or Fact

  • For Mental Health Clinicians: Working with Teens from a Cognitive-Interpersonal Perspective

  • Reputation Risk Management: It's Not Your Mother's Student Support Anymore

  • How to Build an Effective Counseling Program in the Independent School




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