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Michael Y. Simon, LMFT

Online Psychotherapy, Independent School Expert & Consultant

Primary Specialties

Work with musicians, visual artists, writers, actors and other creative individuals in high-profile careers

Work with teens, and those parents, educators, and mental health professionals that support teens

Work with individuals and couples who struggle with AD/HD



Psychotherapy should never be "one size fits all." It should be rooted in a consistent, deep effort to understand who you are and what you need. Therapy should also be practical and offer some fairly immediate results, even though bigger change takes time. 

Therapy isn't a religion. You don't have to believe in it to receive help. You just have to want to try.


It's ultimately about collaboration, and the formation of a helpful relationship.

  • Adult Individuals, with a focus on working with musicians, visual artists, writers and other creative individuals in high-profile careers
  • Parenting Consultation

  • Adolescents / Pre-teens

  • Couples 

  • Families

Please ask about specialized training in working with (adolescent and adult) individuals with AD/HD, and AD/HD-focused couple therapy, based on the excellent work of Gina Pera and Arthur Robin.

Michael offers wide-ranging expertise in both seeing and serving the needs of the independent school student and their families, informed by a deep understanding of schools, school administrators, staff, parents and students, from the inside out.

If your child attends an independent school, or you are thinking of educating your child in this realm, he can provide highly informed, relevant, compassionate and wise, ongoing support by understanding  the context in which they spend almost half of their lives.

Since 1995, Michael has spoken around the United States on everything having to do with parenting, focusing on adolescent development in the digital age. From a PBS in-studio special on Media Literacy & Child Development, to meeting with independent school heads on reputation risk management, Michael's focus has been on supporting youth and families--and the institutions that attempt to do the same. He consults on school crisis response, reputation risk management and building healthy school culture.

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